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I want to first off thank the 45 members of the Kansas City .NET User Group who attended the presentation held last night.  Myself, John, and Doug appreciate the dialog and questions about the topic of ASP.NET MVC Framework and hope to see more interest in the topic as it furthers in development at Microsoft.

For those of you who couldn't make it or just want to see what the MVC Framework is all about, check out the samples and presentation located at the end of this post. 

Recap of A Model View Controller Story:

Once Upon A Time there was a pizza parlor ran by Jeff, Doug, and John.  Jeff was the manager, Doug was the cook, and John was the delivery guy.  One day a customer called up the pizza parlor and placed an order with Jeff (the Controller).  Jeff is really a "people person" and hands off the information needed to create the pizza to Doug.  As the cook, Doug (the Model) uses the ingredients he needs to create pizza and when it is finished he gives it back to Jeff.  Jeff then determines who would be the best delivery guy for this pizza based on the request and he picks John.  John (the View) then places the pizza in a store branded box, decorates it with coupons, and gets on his motor bike and gives the pizza to the customer.

The next day, the owner of the pizza parlor wants to ensure the quality control of the pizza parlor is up to par so he fakes and order with Jeff and Jeff then asks Doug to create the pizza based on the order.  Jeff and Doug have no idea this quality control test is going on so performance does not change in their actions to make the boss happy.  After Doug gives the pizza back to Jeff, Jeff tries to find the best delivery guy and notices the owner's name is on the ticket so he hands the pizza to the owner where the owner dissects the pizza to ensure all the ingredients were properly assembled.  At a later time the owner may want to ensure the entire process work by allowing John to delivery the pizza to ensure it was presented correctly and nothing was lost in the transportation process, but now he was to ensure their product at its core is correct.

The End.

Materials from the presentation:


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