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JAJ_7467It has been surprising to talk to the attendees of the PDC about blogging and participation in communities.  Most don’t seem to have blogs, but have lots of things to talk about.  Most like the concept of after reading our bag insert and we have had a lot of registrations.  But, there are a number of them who just want to read the blogs and we are completely ok with that.  Our goal out here has been to register more bloggers who are interested in these new technologies Microsoft is announcing and help expose to a new audience of potential readers and bloggers.  We feel we have been very successful doing that here.

Having Chris and D’Arcy out here has been a lot of fun.  You haven’t heard much from Chris because he has been recording videos like crazy and hopefully we will see some of those popup today. 

Well, it is time to get back over there.  I want to thank all our new bloggers for joining and please let me know if you see any problems with the site and we will try to get them resolved quickly.

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