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Well I have been using WVPC for Windows 7 RTM for about a week now and there are a few things I like and a few things I don’t.

First off, why at the end of 2009 do we still not have a “multiple monitor” story that doesn’t require me to put quotations around the words.  This RDP style of one giant monitor span across your two monitors is not a solution, it hasn’t been since it came out. 

Secondly, What *flicker* is *flicker* up *flicker* with *flicker* all *flicker* the *flicker* flickering?  I have a 17 inch unibody MacBook Pro with 4gb of RAM and 16gb of ReadyBoost and Windows 7 64-bit.  I have dedicated 2GB of RAM to my virtual environment running Windows 7 32-bit.  I am seeing a constant flickering when scrolling through windows in IE, Visual Studio, and other applications.  I am guessing this is Aero running Aero with the Windows 7 installations, but the product boosts that it is possible to do Aero in the virtual so I wanted to try. 

Thirdly, what???  You got rid of Drag and Drop between Host and Virtual?  Why would you do that.  The new RDP experience most likely forced your hand, but you could have came up with a solution like GoToMyPC where an application running on each side would handle the transfer.  We need a patch with a real solution instead of some command line drive attachments or network storage as the solution that the Virtual PC Guy blog suggests. 

I do like the product though.  I have not been a fan of Virtual products in OS X ever since Parallels ate my boot camp machine and I had to rebuild.  So I have ran exclusively Boot Camp for Vista/7 and Virtual PC and now Windows Virtual PC since being a Mac user.  The get the job done with irritation, but I have found that to be true of most products.  I plan to continue using it through the life of my current project, but I do want to review VMWare Workstation again.  Before on Vista is was SLOWWWW, but if you have better experiences on WIndows 7 with it, please let me know

So what are your WVPC stories and findings?

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Posted on Monday, November 16, 2009 9:48 AM .NET | Back to top

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