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I have recently needed a screen capture tool for my Mac and remembered that TechSmith had recently launched SnagIt, the only screen capture tool for Windows in my eyes, for the Mac.  SnagIt is an amazing tool and the fact that it comes with an image editor makes it that much nicer.  Well needless to say, TechSmith again has out done themselves with Snagit for the Mac.  The interface very much fits the Mac UX.  I was seriously worried about that because the Windows version definitely fit Windows well with the Print Screen captures and taskbar icon for capture, but for a Mac you would need to integrate it with the top bar that never feels comfortable, the application bar which would be weird as well, or have it running in the background and accessible much like the tablet keyboard on Vista/7.  Well that is how they have done it.  You have a little app window running in the corner that lets you select the type of capture you want to do.  Very slick UI.

However, I must say the coolest part is the Visual Studio-like hover selection window you get when docking in 2008, but for screen capture.  Now once you have initiated the capture, when you hover over a browser, it gives you choice on whether you want a window capture, scrolling capture, or you can always default to a dragable size window capture.  The guidelines also make it easier to ensure you are getting the proper capture.  Very excited to use this product.

Two Thumbs up TechSmith on this beta!

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