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Coming to Kansas City April 8th and 9th is the Microsoft Azure Bootcamp. This event looks very promising for those developers who are looking into Azure for themselves or their companies. It covers the wide range of topics required to understand what Azure really is and is not. Space is limited so if you are considering Azure, register for this event today.


Module 1: Introduction to cloud computer and Azure

  • How it works
  • Key Scenarios
  • The development environment and SDK

Module 2: Using Web Roles

Module 3: Blobs: File Storage in the cloud

Module 4: Tables: Scalable hierarchical storage

Module 5: Queues: Decoupling your systems

Module 6: Basic Worker Roles

  • Executing backend processes
  • Consuming a queue
  • Leveraging local storage

Module 7: Advanced Worker Roles

  • External Endpoints
  • Inter-role communication

Module 8: Building a business with Azure

  • Using Azure as an ISV or a partner
  • Advantages to delivering value
  • BPOS
  • Pricing

Module 9: SQL Azure

  • Setting it up
  • SQL Azure firewall
  • Remote management
  • Migrating data

Module 10: AppFabric

  • Service Bus
  • Access Control System
  • Identity in the cloud

Module 11: Cloud Scenarios

  • App migration strategies
  • Disposable computing
  • Dynamic scale
  • Shunting
  • Prototyping
  • Multitenant applications

(This is my second attempt at this post after MacJournal decided to crash and not save my work. Authoring tools all need auto-save features by now, that is a requirement set in stone by Microsoft Word 97)

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