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Where Have I Been?

I got to checking out old blog posts today and realized it’s been months since I’ve had the time to sit and put up a post.  That’s not to say that a lot hasn’t been going on so I figured it’s time to post.

Since my last post (which, btw, was posted while I was in Las Vegas for Mix09 in March I have been:

  • Traveling – I’ve spent time touring Rome, Italy, working in Bangalore, India, and working on projects in Denver, CO and Reno, NV.  My job doesn’t generally call for travel so when some comes up it’s usually exciting, but I do have to admit that the first six months of this year have been rough.  I’m glad to be currently taking time off from airports.
  • Coordinating – I’ve been devoting a lot of time to put together a regional developer conference called the St. Louis Day of .NET.  While I haven’t posted about it until now (see below) it’s been eating up all my time to do the behind the scenes stuff that go into making something like this happen.   In addition to the DoDN 2009 conference, I’m organizing a St. Louis based Coders 4 Charities event to be officially held in October of this year.  This event is something I’ll talk much more about in later posts but it should be a great opportunity for local IT resources to help our community.
  • Working – I’ve been working very hard on a huge project for work in which we have a few St. Louis based resources (including myself) and 17 overseas resources (in Bangalore, India) working for a client in Denver, CO.  We are delivering the entire project (a huge WPF/CompositeWPF client and a corresponding ASP.NET AJAX client both hitting a WCF service tier against Oracle 10g) in roughly 8 months.  Which means a lot is going on while trying to coordinate and troubleshoot.
  • Playing – In the essence of true disclosure, I play guitar in two bands: one a country band and one a part-time rock band.  That’s a lot of practices, shows, and practices…

But enough excuses for me not posting…I’m back in Missouri on a rainy Sunday afternoon and wanted to throw up some information on the upcoming St. Louis Day of .NET 2009 conference.

St. Louis Day of .NET 2009

As mentioned above, myself and a number of other great coordinators are actively coordinating all the details for a large, regional developer conference to be held in St. Louis on Friday and Saturday August 28th and 29th.  The conference, which is called the St. Louis Day of .NET 2009, will feature two full days of great technical sessions presented by a host of great speakers (and a few by me).  The event will be held at the Ameristar Casino/Conference center in St. Charles, MO which offers a VERY nice facility for this type of event.  We worked hard to make this location happen and can’t wait to put on our conference there.  Our conference website is where you can get a ton of information on the conference including the currently confirmed speakers and sessions.

As to speakers, we are very close to finalizing all our speakers for this years conference and we have been very fortunate to line up some great content.  If you are one of those speakers we have notified already (or who have been working with us on bio’s,session abstracts, or scheduling) we definitely appreciate your time and commitment.  Unfortunately we had a few more speakers respond than we could take due to time and space so we’ll shortly be notifying those we were not able to select.  Which is kind of a bummer for us as we appreciate anyone willing to volunteer their time and effort to support other developers do their jobs better.

We have a little less than a month left for registration (which costs $100 per attendee) and are seeing a great response.  We’ve also been putting together a new 100% Silverlight-based website which should go live very shortly. 

Currently we are organizing the agenda, working on printed advertising/agendas/badges, coordinating final speaker confirmations, purchasing conference shirts and gifts, negotiating audio/video needs, working on final sponsorships, organizing the vendor fair, and a number of other tasks.  So, it goes without saying conferences of this size aren’t easy but, fortunately, there are some great volunteers working alongside me this year to make this event happen.  As the conference is about a month and a half away, the large majority of our work is still in front of us but I wanted to start putting up some posts to raise awareness of the event and what we are doing.

So, if you are reading this and are (or were) unfamiliar with our event, please take the time to check out the site and, if you think there will be value, please consider attending or sponsoring.  While there is a $100/per person fee to attend, it’s important to realize that this event is put on by volunteers from the local development community for no financial gain.  All money collected covers expenses and even the attendee fee is much too small to organize such an event.  We are very fortunate to have had some great corporate sponsors step up and put their own money into this event during a rough economy.  Our intent isn’t to get rich but rather to provide a local opportunity for developers, graphic designers, project managers, testers, and any person with a technical background to learn from others, to share what they know with others, to network with their peers, and to collectively help raise the quality and visibility of the work that we do and the value we provide to our organizations.  While financial sponsorship is great, if that isn’t an option, please consider just attending.  The more people we are able to help, the more value we can provide to the overall community.   If you don’t feel that this conference is a fit for you personally, please share information about it with others you feel it may better serve.

The next month or so will bring many new announcements for the conference and many of you (if you are IT professionals in the St. Louis region) will probably hear more about it via other channels.  Please, check out our website and/or sign up to follow our Twitter account at

Thanks again for reading all this and checking out our conference.  I’ll be writing a lot more lately now that the travel schedule is slowing up. 

Also, a big thanks goes to our conference sponsors for helping make this years event possible (if you want to be on this list, please drop us an email at :

Platinum Sponsors

And the many Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsors which can be found on our site at

A final big thanks (the biggest actually) goes to the many dedicated souls here in St. Louis who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event happen.  I’m but a small part of a big team and these people make it fun to coordinate something like this (not just fun they make it POSSIBLE):

  • Jeff Fattic – Quilogy
  • Scott Spradlin - NSI
  • Chris Deweese – REJIS (a newly appointed Microsoft MVP :)
  • Mul Budiman – MiTek
  • Clint Edmonson - Microsoft
  • Michelle Marcus – A Free Agent until tomorrow
  • Eric Brown – Thomson Reuters
  • Bill Evjen – Thomson Reuters
  • Jeff Strauss – Free Agent

That’s all for now…more to come…


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We love you too G! I know you got lots to share so you are now required to blog 2 times a month :)
Left by Chris Deweese on Jul 12, 2009 4:55 PM

# re: Catching Back Up and St. Louis Day of .NET 2009 Announcements
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Kevin, thanks for all the hard DoDN work. Should be a blast!
Left by Brad Tutterow on Jul 13, 2009 3:30 PM

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