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The Benefits of Volunteering

Friday, December 9, 2011 12:05 PM

I sent out an email newsletter to my local user group members recently to discuss the benefits of putting their IT skills to use. I felt it was important to reiterate that message here, just in case someone  happens to actually read it and finds value in the message.

So here’s the excerpt from that newsletter:

The holiday season is approaching, which means it’s the season for giving!

Why don’t you consider volunteering your time and your super mad .NET skills to a good cause? Visit getvolunteering.ca (or your local community’s volunteering site) to find local area non-profit groups that need help maintaining their web sites.

Although volunteering isn’t about what you receive in return, there are benefits you will reap from helping out your local community this way.

In return:

  • You gain the satisfaction of helping out a non-profit group which serves your local community
  • You have the opportunity to show off your awesome skill set
  • You can add your volunteer efforts to your resume
  • You can seize it as an opportunity to grow your skill set by incorporating technologies you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to work with during your day job
  • Networking, networking networking – the relationships you make within the community are important and putting yourself out there allows you to meet new people and build up your reputation as a professional

Granted, not everyone has the time to tackle a full-scale project which requires designing a full web site from scratch. But you can always volunteer with a group of peers, or find an organization that just needs help with maintenance or minor enhancements. 

Any value you can provide to a local organization is rewarding on its own. However, there are benefits that will serve you as well in your career down the road.