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Book Review–HTML5 Cookbook

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 9:18 PM

HTML5CookbookHTML5 Cookbook, by Christopher Schmitt and Kyle Simpson, provides an overview of HTML5 along with problem/solution scenarios which will allow developers to hit the ground running using HTML5. It also includes chapters on how to implement the new features available in HTML5, including native audio, native video, geolocation, the canvas element, local storage, drag-and-drop, and more.

This book is perfect for intermediate to senior level developers who are looking to get up to speed on the new semantics and features available in HTML5 quickly. However, that isn’t to say that junior developers should shy away from this book. I do feel that developers at any level would benefit from this book, both from the content provided in the book, along with the wealth of external resource links that are scattered throughout each chapter. I found that I spent more time veering away from the book to enhance my learning in a particular area by scouring the information on the HTML5 sites that were recommended in this book. This alone makes the value of the book worthwhile.

Furthermore, I found it extremely helpful that browser support for some of the new HTML5 features were discussed, along with workarounds to handle scenarios where browser support is not yet in place for those features.

In my opinion, this book is a must-have for anyone looking to get to up to speed on HTML5.

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