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With this post, i am trying to explain the execution process of .Net application. What is the difference between .Net application and other application, what exactly that differentiate between .Net application and other application. 

Normally every file in operating system will have two parts, one is file header (which will also be called as Section Header) and file content. When it comes to .Net application , it contains an extra header (i.e, CLR Header). If any application that has CLR header then that will be considered as .Net application.

When execution is started, section header will contain all information or resources required by file. Along with this .Net application will also contain an additional header CLR Header. While execution if a file header has CLR header, then CLR(Common Language Runtime) will be called , which in turn JIT (Just-In-Time Complier) will be called and later JIT will convert  the IL code to native code.(For more info about compilation process, visit

Native is the machine understandable form, which will be derived based on system hardware and other components.

JIT will retain in CLR, which will be present in Kernel level of OS(Operating System).


Execution Process


Note: Using DumpBin.exe tool we can retrieve header information of any file. This Dumpbin.exe is a windows tool.



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