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Developers Friendly September 2013 Entries
SqlDbType to CLR Type
Below are the list of SqlDbType and equivalent CLR type, which will be mostly used while passing parameter to Stored Proc. SqlDbType CLR Type SqlDbType.Binary SqlDbType.Image SqlDbType.Timestamp SqlDbType.VarBinary typeof(byte[]) SqlDbType.Char SqlDbType.NChar SqlDbType.NText SqlDbType.NVarChar SqlDbType.Text SqlDbType.VarChar SqlDbType.Xml typeof(string) SqlDbType.DateTime SqlDbType.SmallDateTime SqlDbType.Date SqlDbType.Time SqlDbType.DateTime2 typeof(DateTime?) SqlDbType.BigInt typeof(long?) SqlDbType.Bit ......

Posted On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 10:52 PM

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