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January 2011 Entries

For getting data with using a proxy simply modify the command with included –-config-parameter with proxy-information. So the original: hg clone ralfwscratchpad transforms to: hg --config clone ralfwscratchpad ......

Orphaned and wrong specified repositories in the recent list are annoying. Straightaway I does not found an option to clean this entries. And also not the persistence place for that. So it was time for Process Explorer. The storage happens under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\... in the string value “history” You could edit the content of the string value or delete it – than during restarting Git Extensions the string value will be created with a default skeleton ......

Since my first steps with Win7 I hate the behavior of Explorer to scroll down the current expanded folder in the navigation pane. Today I found a solution in this thread: Bug: Windows Explorer expands folders inappropriately, jumping the folder you expand to the bottom of the navigation pane Download and install Classic Shell Activate the classic explorer bar and choose options Verify that “Fix folder scrolling” is checked Verify fixed behavior If necessary deinstall Classic Shell – the fix is persisted ......

Until now CopySourceAsHtml only supports Visual Studio 2008 out of the box. But it is no problem to pimp up the config-file for supporting Visual Studio 2010. Copy all three files to "%userprofile%\Documents\Vi... Studio 2010\Addins" Open CopySourceAsHtml.AddIn in a text editor and change both lines with <Version>9.0</Vers... to <Version>10.0</Ver... Run Visual Studio 2010 and CopySourceAsHtml works fine ......

By pasting formatted text in Word and OneNote both applications act a little bit different. Meanwhile Word supports RTF-formatting OneNote does not. OneNote could only handle HTML-formatting. In combination with presenting source code for Visual Studio the Add-in CopySourceAsHtml is available. During copying with Edit > Copy As HTML some option must set – notably Include RTF should be deactivated: ......

It seems that the Snippet Compiler is not maintained anymore. So I need an alternative – also for getting syntax highlighting for code in publications. Preferable with the possibility to conserve this highlighting by copying selections to clipboard. Snippet Compiler does not allows this for selections – only by exporting the whole file content to clipboard with HTML- or RTF-formatting (File > Export > HTML to clipboard respectively RTF to clipboard). Today I switched to LINQPad. This application ......