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July 2011 Entries

Channel 9 offers videos in different levels of quality in two different formats (wmv and mp4). Everytime I would like to download a video comes the question: What offer is should take? So I have made a comparison of all formats. Here is the result: As Input I used the Rx Workshop Introduction (Rx Workshop: Introduction). Format Dimension Size Visual Rating (subjective) High Quality WMV (PC, XBox, MCE) 1280 x 720 58 MB ++ Mid Quality WMV (Low-Band Mobile) 512 x 288 34 MB + High Quality MP4 (iPad, ......

Motivation Wie gehen Sie in dieser Situation vor: Eine von Ihnen verwendete .NET-Drittbibliothek liegt in einer neuen Version vor und Sie müssen die Abhängigkeiten in all Ihren Projekte aktualisieren. Je nach Projekt und Notwendigkeit hatten wir bei ESRI Deutschland dafür bisher u.a. folgende Lösungs-Szenarien: Policy-Files Sie dienen zum „Umbiegen“ der von den eigenen Projekten verwendeten Version auf die aktuelle. Das geht allerdings nur bei GAC-basierenden Assemblies und die sollte man aus diversen ......

Motivation Encouraged from the article “Using NuGet without committing packages to source control” I decided to wrap the NuGet-call in a MSBuild target instead of using a pre-build event. Because we also trigger FxCop and StyleCop via targets this fits better in our project management. Create the targets-file First at all we need a targets-file for integration. It is located in a DevTree beside the NuGet-executable beneath a special tool-folder: The content is quite simple: <Project xmlns="http://schemas.micro... ......

Writing clean code is only possible if you are known with the uses technology. Often during a development process this level must initially be reached. To distinguish the levels of understanding I guess separate folders under the DevTree: src.trials here is very unclean code. This code outcomes during learning steps in project-context. Normally sooner or later this code is deleted or cleaned and moved to production, prototype or sample code. src.spike also unclean code but with an other flavor compared ......