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I’m sure by now you have heard that the Silverlight 5 Release Candidate has been released. I recently had a chance to Guest Blog for the Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog on “Getting Started with the Silverlight 5 Release Candidate”. Now before we get started learning about it, let’s look at a few new features:

What is new in the Silverlight 5?

  • Multiple Window Support - Trusted app can create additional Windows.
  • Ancestor RelativeSource Binding – Enables a DataTemplate to bind to a property on the control that contains it.
  • Implicit DataTemplates – Allows you to target a data template for a specific data type.
  • ClickCount - Enables Multi-click input on left/right mouse buttons.
  • Binding on Style Setter – Allows binding to be used within styles.
  • Realtime Sound (low-latency Audio) - Enables pre-loading of an audio source for precision timing of playback. (Multiple playback is ok)
  • Variable Speed Playback (“Trick Play”) – Fast-Forward or review at variable speeds.
  • Linked Text Containers - Text will overflow from one to the next.
  • Custom Markup Extensions – Allow you to run custom code from XAML.
  • XAML Binding Debugging - Setting breakpoints in XAML
  • 3D Graphics API - accelerated visualization and rich user experiences.
  • P/Invoke – Enables managed code to call native code.
  • Much, much more.

The Full Article

The full article is hosted on the Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog. You can also access it by clicking on the screenshot below. Don’t forget to rate it and leave comments if you wish.


Thanks for reading!

mike_new_avatar_thumb1 Michael Crump is a Silverlight MVP and MCPD that works for Telerik as a XAML Evangelist. He has been involved with computers in one way or another for as long as he can remember, but started professionally in 2002. After spending years working as a systems administrator/tech support analyst, Michael branched out and started developing internal utilities that automated repetitive tasks and freed up full-time employees. From there, he was offered a job working at McKesson corporation and has been working with some form of .NET and VB/C# since 2003.

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