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Long name good times.


  • Delivery mechanisms
  • Hands on encoding
  • Best practices


  • Deliver content(compelling)
  • Maximize ROI for encoding.

Two most common audio/video delivery

  1. Progressive download
  2. Streaming real time without caching

Progessive download:


  Easy management and config

Lower server resource usage

Supports Secure sockets Layer(SSL)



No Live

No advanced

No buffer

Streaming Download:


Basic and advanced media features

Bandwidth optimization

Enables Live broadcasting


Requres management infrastructure

Cant deliver content encoded at a  higher bitrate than connection speed.

IIS7 Media Pack

  • Media delivery on top of IIS7
  •   Bit rate throttling
  • web server playlist
  • adds basic streaming
  • Free

Distribution services


  • Content Delivery Networks
  • For Public consumption
  • Do it yourself server 2008

Using IIS7

  • Using Windows Media Services 2008
  • Very popular on internal networks
  • Push internally to CDN(outside/inside)

"Silverlight is the future of streaming on the web"

WMV ecosystem:

  • Mature live streaming
  • Big Ecosystem
  • intergration into major editing platforms

Why WMV and VC-1?

  •   Greater quality
  • Better decode performance
  •   up to 2x pixels/second of H.264
  • Large existing libraries of content

It is just windows media

  •   Most existing files urls work
  • Media features baked into runtime
  •   no OS codecs
  • Video codecs
  •   wmv7/8/9 9advanced profile
  • Audio codecs
  • windows media audio in silverlight1.0
  • windows media audio pro  new in silverlight 2
  • MP3 files also supported

Expression Encoder 2.0 Download Now

Selling points:

designers - deliver vision quickly

developers-Programmable object model

business-Faster encoding and lower bandwidth cost.

When encoding video in Microsoft Media Encoder: Turn off Clear type to make video smoother.

Best practices include:

  • Keeping bandwidth usage down
  • Clean video(no jumping or artifacts)
  • Clean Audio(no jumping or skipping)
  • Avoid analog to DV bridges

I encoded this during this session. =)


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Is it possible to do live streaming from my webcam to website using silverlight?
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