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I know what your thinking. Oh crap here he goes again with recommending tools and or services. My question is have I ever steered you wrong?

Yes I normally deal in freeware tools. Mostly due to me being cheap and thinking my skills should push me past that latest issue with code. So why recommend a commercial tool? Good question. A friend recommended to me this tool. I had used tools like .net reflector to look into DLL’s to understand the application I am adding. I had heard rumor of NDepend however with all the different “N” products out there I was like another database OR mappers right? Or maybe another subversion type software.

So I downloaded the tool to see what if anything this tool had to offer. So once I downloaded the software and ran it. I was interested to see what it would do.












It installed nicely into Visual Studio 2005 as well as Visual 2008. A plugin for an Addin for Reflector.

I wanted to see what it would do with one of my most complicated E-commerce applications ( I was surprised to notice the amount of extra DLL’s I was not in need of to make the application to work.

Simply put this application should be included with all Visual Studio Installs. It is that important. If Performance as well as clean code is important to you or your business you should have this to view all your important applications.

I would like to go over all the great features as well as the benefits however they are too much and too many to list.Purchase your copy today and see how much more rapid your development becomes.

NDepend  includes a list of CQL rules and queries in VisualStudio that will update it in real-time each time the developer compiles. This way, the developer know as soon as he is doing a mistake. Also, the possibilituy to query the codebase real-time can be useful in Visual Studio.




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# NDepend and source control
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NDepend also installed easily for me, however, it also didn't do anything. I launch Visual Studio, and there is no sign of NDepend anywhere.

I have the impression it can handle diffs / merges, but I don't see them publishing the VS command line options for that. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.
Left by Brent Arias on Oct 31, 2008 6:58 PM

# re: Tools I love: NDepend for Visual Studio 2005/2008
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Left by FADHL on Mar 01, 2009 10:51 PM

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