jqGrid inline afterSave event

A quick note on the inline afterSave event in jqgrid 4.3.1

I was trying to refresh the grid after adding a row using the inlineNav add row button.  I couldn't fire the afterSave method to refresh the grid.  Turns out that onSuccess has to be true before afterSave is fired.

{ name:

'EditOptions', index: 'EditOptions', hidden: false, width: 80

,formatoptions: { keys:

false, editbutton: true, delbutton: true, onSuccess: true,afterSave:function(rowid){alert('afterSave'); subgrid.trigger("reloadGrid"); } }

, formatter:

'actions', search: false},

Good Luck

Print | posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 10:05 AM