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I loved RIL Pro for iPad and used it every day, but about a month ago I was forced to upgrade to new version, named Pocket.
The new version has so many problems, that it's almost unusable.
The main issue is that iPad app doesn't show many of the saved links. 
I've posted my opinion that it would be better to have  Pocket as a new separate application and recommend users to install it side by side with RIL Pro and try before replace at Pocket forum  APR 20, 2012 
I found that there a many other threads that report different issues with a new version and I've posted a few comments, supporting suggestions to fix the issues, that were broken by the Pocket.(e.g. here)
 Pocket agents answered only a  small number of questions, and many of their answers were unreasonable- like "We removed this feature because it is not convenient for our future plans"
Example of this is still stored in Google cache

24Apr I've posted a request to restore RIL Pro in AppStore until they will fix the problems in pocket.
From 27 April they introduced moderation on the public forum and stopped show new posts.
Actually "moderation" is not a correct work, it's converted the forum into Q&A site, where they show only posts with answers that they like.
Furthermore they removed many discussion threads that existed on the forum before the "moderation".
When I pointed to this in email, the answer was un-reasonable-that their forum is actually not a forum, but "a helpful support site where users can get their questions answered"
In fact users post public questions and do not see them posted for a week or forever.
For couple of my questions I received email starting with the words
    "An agent has responded to your question (Link to Question<>)."
But the link is not working, because they deleted the discussion from the forum.

At the beginning of May Pocket support answered that the  "known issue with a partial list sync" is addressed and will be in the next upgrade.
Despite the statement in upgrade notes, next upgrade didn't help with the problem(at least for me).
Support  replied to me, that  "it seems as though a small handful of users are still experiencing this sync discrepancy."

27Apr I've reported that "Sync in RIL Free stopped working" and it was on forum at least until 6 May(according Google cache)
10 May I received a reply via email(but post has been removed from the forum)
"The fix is to log out of Read It Later Free, and then log back in. Although your local cache will be cleared, the app will go through your list and re-download your items."
 It was the first useful advice after introducing Pocket. Now I am able to use RIL Free. With all it's limitation RIL Free is in much more workable conditions, than Pocket. It shows all articles that I've saved and it allowed to rename titles. The only feature from RIL Pro, that I really missing, is the ability to filter only untagged articles.

So now I can read all my saved articles in RIL Free and wait until they will fix the Pocket.

The conclusion I've had is that the Pocket company doesn't respect their customers, and I should not rely on their products too much. However the application is quite convenient, and I am familiar with it, so I will continue to use it. 

The company's  behaviour reminds me how Google changed layout of iGoogle tabs and ignored hundreds of complains. Note that recently (4 years later) Google returned to layout similar to original.

Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 10:13 PM Blogging , General Tips | Back to top

Comments on this post: "Read It Later Pro" has been ruined into Pocket, but RIL Free is still usable.

# re: "Read It Later Pro" has been ruined into Pocket, but RIL Free is still usable.
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What do you recommend in place of Pocket, for bookmark management?

Much Obliged!
Left by Rock on Jun 04, 2015 4:08 AM

# re: "Read It Later Pro" has been ruined into Pocket, but RIL Free is still usable.
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Despite that I wasn't happy with the way how company converted to pocket, the Application is quite convenient and I am continue to use it.
Left by Michael Freidgeim on Jun 08, 2015 10:39 PM

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