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Just picked up the book at the local Borders in Kansas. 

I decided to start at page one and literally go straight through it. I'm finding it very useful to pick up on the enhancements to 2.0. The little tweaks here and there.

Finding simple but amazingly cool stuff like the fact you can do:


Who knows if I would have ever known this without thumbing through the book.

I have been doing ASP.NET development exclusively since it came out and I'm still finding this book to be very useful as a refresher and especially for it's insights to the 2.0 changes. There are a lot of little changes... 

So that said I'd recommend this book for children (developers) of all ages (experience).

Thanks to Bill Evjen and all those who worked on the book.

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The kind of material is worth learning. Such great information to know. - Dennis Wong YOR Health
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