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I was pretty excited over Apple's new iPhone after witnessing its slick interface in YouTube, and decided that my dependency on the Pocket PC driven by the Windows Mobile platform will have to go.

That is until I see this.

Somebody actually made an iPhone replica sitting on the Pocket PC. Very impressive. It's a shame that the video has been taken down on YouTube due to pressures from you-know-who. The interface replica was written using a PPC development tool called PPL (Pocket PC Language) by ArianeSoft.

Now that a look at the new Samsung Ultra Messaging on Windows Mobile 6. In my opinion, it looked very similar to iPhone's interface style.

Now for those of us who has been fooling around with WPF, we're well aware that WPF will serve as a very good SDK for development of applications look and behave like iPhone, or even better. I wonder if Microsoft is already looking at making Windows Mobile 6 capable of running WPF applications?

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