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Json serialization – RPC style in MVC
In a previous posting, I discussed replacing the stock MVC serializer used for the JsonResult exposed when you use the controller method Json(..) instead of View. This was all find and dandy. But how – you may wonder – can I call actions that contain complex parameters? Do I need a special binder? Should I write my own? The answer is mostly "no". As Phil Hack blogged, the ASP.NET MVC framework already contains value providers that take care of that for you. All you need to do is ensure that your ......

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The last MVVM you'll ever need?
As my MVC projects mature and grow, the need to have some omnipresent, ambient model properties quickly emerge. The application no longer has only one dynamic pieced of data on the page: A sidebar with a shopping cart, some news flash on the side – pretty common stuff. The rub is that a controller is invoked in context of a single intended request. The rest of the data, even though it could be just as dynamic, is expected to appear on it's own. There are many solutions to this scenario. MVVM prescribes ......

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MVC Automatic Menu
An ex-colleague of mine used to call his SQL script generator "Super-Scriptmatic 2000". It impressed our then boss little, but was fun to say and use. We called every batch job and script "something 2000" from that day on. I'm tempted to call this one Menu-Matic 2000, except it's waaaay past 2000. Oh well. The problem: I'm developing a bunch of stuff in MVC. There's no PM to generate mounds of requirements and there's no Ux Architect to create wireframe. During development, things change. Specifically, ......

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MVC, helpers and classic ASP.NET data bound controls – Better Together
Technorati Tags: MVC,ASP.NET,Extension Methods,Html Helper A lot of hype around MVC these days. So, of course, yours truly is working on some project utilizing MVC. While brushing the dust off my raw HTML tag memory and designing the obvious: lists, grids, repeated item displays and the such, I thought "why not use the controls instead?" For one, most of the ASP.NET data bound controls have a rich site of event post backs to hook up. MVC says: no dice! You can't rely on the event dispatch ......

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Async web page execution using PageAsyncTask
At today's .NET user group meeting someone asked about doing async tasks in an ASP.NET page and not blocking. Here is one option in all it's g(l)ory: The ASPX @page directive gains a AsyncTimeOut="3" which will make it wait up to 3 seconds for the async task to complete. Since the operation itself does not actually use an external resource, a fake out of the AsyncResult is done using a delegate and a BeginInvoke on it which yields the IAsyncResult that BeginEventHandler is expected to return and ......

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