October 2008 Entries

PDC 2008
Mind boggling things unvailed at PDC. One big thing to decide is going to be our relation to the cloud. Cloud computing has hit big and the whole idea of SAS making big business invest big. Where do we draw the line? Hoe much of our software, data and service runs local vs. remote? How do we develop good measure for decisionmaking here? At the very least, aspect to be considered: Latency Scale Time to market Security New opportunities not available if you are just "running local" such as ms Live ......

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WCF Serialization – new in .NET framework 3.5 sp1
You may be surprised to find that classes are serialized by WCF without any [DataContract] attribute attached to them. I certainly was. When WCF came out, there was much fanfare of the new, improved, superior WCF serializer (justified IMHO). The main policy sizzle was that unlike the [Serializable] marking a POCO object and then [NonSerialized] attribute marking specific fields (opt-out), WCF will now use "opt-in": Only properties specifically decorated will be serialized. This serialization policy ......

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