November 2008 Entries

Code better – measure your code with NDepend

If you ask the average developer what might be done to improve code, they would probably come up with "use design patterns" or "do code reviews" or even "write unit tests". While all these are valid and useful, it is rare to hear "measure it". It's odd, when you think about it, because most of us consider ourselves scientists or sorts. Some of use obtained a degree in computer science, and we view the coding practice and a deterministic endeavor. Why is it then that we don't measure our work usi

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Code generatior for Visual Studio - Denum
Annuouncing a newly added a Codeplex project "Denum" code generator. The Denum is a class / pattern for representing fairly static metadata from a database in an in-memory structure. The structure behaves much like an Enum, but contains static members for each data member so that compile time type checking helps in transparency and coherency of your application logic and the build itself against the database version ......

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