MSN Search .... A new approach to Search !!!

Dear All,

All of us do a Search everyday ! I mean the Internet Search !!

We do a search starting from movies to whats new in the market. Developers and Software Professionals often use search engines to view information related to latest technologies, which is shared across the net.

The New MSN Search is just a new revolution and experience in your search. Its faster than you expect.

Some of the cool features include:-

1. Intelligent Search Builder
Now you can select the way you want MSN Search to interpret your search terms.

2. The powerful MSNBot
The web crawler which, when I last heard had indexed more than 5 Billion Web Pages.

3. Most up-to-date information
Updated daily, the index provides relevant, timely and accurate data as quickly as possible – and minimizes frustrating dead links.

4. Encarta Answers
Get direct answers to questions, solve equations, and look up facts with Microsoft Encarta.

5. Music Answers
When you’re searching for an artist, song or album, you’ll get immediate results from content provided by the MSN Music service, giving you the opportunity to take immediate action. One click enables you to listen to a sample from a song, and a second click lets you purchase and download.

6. Image Search
An index of hundreds of millions of images.

7. New Search Tools
With Search Builder and Search Near Me tools you can quickly get results that precisely meet your needs.

Of course there are many other features which can help you find results quickly and perfectly. It doesnt provide you with a long chunk of unrelated information but rather provides you the most relevant information.

Needless to say, the New MSN Search has many a feature to explore and make your search experience easier.

Happy Searching !!!


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