Why Windows Vista? - Reason 3 on why you should move on to Windows Vista


Why Windows Vista costs less than you think?

Windows Vista delivers great value to businesses by addressing critical business scenarios.  Firstly, it empowers your people by making it easy for them to find, share and use information.  Secondly, it enables mobile and remote workers to stay connected and productive wherever they are.  Windows Vista also addresses growing security threats and helps protect your people's data in and out of office, secure your environment, and makes it easier to achieve compliance with government regulations and internal policies.  Last but not the least, Windows Vista makes it easier to deploy, manage, and support your corporate PCs by helping you in optimizing your desktop infrastructure.

Give your business a headstart with Windows Vista - Pay Less

Windows Vista comes loaded with security and back-up features that reduce the need to purchase expensive 3rd party products.

Backup & Restore   

Windows Backup & Restore included with Windows Vista.  Save upto $100 per PC.

Spyware Protection

Windows Defender included with Windows Vista.  Save $5 - $25 per PC.

Personal Firewall

Windows Firewall included with Windows Vista.  Save $50 per pc.

Full disk encryption

Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption included with Vista Enterprise.  Save $100 - $200 per pc.

Network access protection (NAP)

Vista supports Network Access Protection (requires Windows Server Longhorn to implement).  Save the cost of expensive hardware

Host-based Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS)

Internet Explorer 7 Protected mode and User Account Control.  Save $50 per PC.

More Security


» Disable USB storage
» User Account Control
» IE7 Protected mode & Phishing filter for robust security
» Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption to protect data on laptops that are lost or stolen

Higher Productivity


» New productivity features like Integrated Search make it faster and easier to find information on PCs, the corporate network or the internet
» New Aero User Interface - Live Previews and Flip 3D give the ability to easily organize, access and search files

Easier Management & Support

» Deployment: Reduces the time and complexity of desktop deployment
» Management: Lowers image count and image management costs
» Support: Reduces help-desk cost; Significant group policy enhancements to enhance the productivity of IT-pros

Check http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista for more information.

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