MS AntiSpyware 2009 is Fake


If you recently faced any security alert showing MS AntiSpyware 2009 and possible messages of your computer security being compromised, take a deep breath and cool down.  It is a fake program (spyware) and installs itself with some codec's into your system.

It keeps popping up from your Tray Icon saying that your computer system’s privacy is compromised and you would need to activate the trial version by purchasing the licensed version.

In fact this one keeps alerting every 5 minutes and shows fake scan reports of possibly infected files.

The term MS shows as if it is from Microsoft but it is from a company claiming CirrusSoft and is installed into your Add/Remove Programs.

Go ahead and remove this from Add/Remove Programs and you should be able to get rid of this fake spyware/malware.

Additionally you would want to clear your Temp folder, particularly for any EXEs which seem to have been downloaded recently.  They may be EXEs starting with weird numbers or names.  To clear the temp folder, in Windows Vista, navigate to the user’s AppData folder i.e.  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp and in case of Windows XP, it would be inside the user’s Documents and Setings folder.

Needless to say have your antivirus signatures updated and make sure that you don’t get tricked into this fake spyware which has been reported by many users.  An internet search for this would also give you more pointers on different ways of removing it.

Cheers !!!

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this is the best
Left by online baer on Jan 09, 2010 7:08 AM

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Thanks for this, Ive already have trusted MS antispyware is true. I didn't know this was fake and was going to pay for it.
Left by web marketing packages on May 24, 2010 5:35 PM

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verry good
Left by meksika biberi zayiflama hapi on Jun 01, 2010 12:43 AM

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You must make sure to have one of each of these four types of protection: Antivirus, Firewall, cleaner and Anti spyware/Malware (for security) but do not use more than one of each type (They will block each other).
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Left by Jina on Nov 24, 2013 2:53 PM

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