January 2012 Entries

Diving Deep: ASP.NET Membership and the new Universal Providers
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'Microsoft.ServiceBus.TransportClientCredentialType' is obsolete
Once you upgrade to the Windows Azure SDK 1.6 you also get the updated Microsoft Service Bus assemblies (version that you can use for working with Windows Azure Service Bus (yeah, no longer AppFabric Service Bus) One of the standard implementations of Service Bus is to use the CredentialType, Credentials (the service bus namespace and the issuer key and issuer name) to create the service bus namespace URI. Once you upgrade to Windows Azure Service Bus (Microsoft.ServiceBus) version, ......

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Windows Azure Service Bus November 2011 Release
I have been working on Windows Azure Service Bus for the recently concluded Azure Camps Yes, it is no longer referred as “Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus”. All the 3 components i.e. Service Bus, Access Control and Caching are hereinafter referred to as simply Windows Azure Service Bus, Caching & Access Control Service, to minimize the complexity in referring to them. Also, Service Bus and the related releases usually come as an out of bound release and are usually behind in terms of the Windows ......

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