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Much thought and effort goes into planning and executing a Code Camp. Hopefully these efforts are distributed among a team.  Code Camp team members volunteer their time (while continuing on with their day job and personal life).  During the final days leading to the event, priorities of other items in team members lives get lowered (such as “real job” items and personal items). These items naturally get behind.   While the Code Camp event is rewarding (and fun!) it is also tiring. There is a natural (well-earned) energy drop following the event. 
But, as with any project, there is still work to be done following the implementation. There are post-implementation tasks. The priority of other items (“real job” and personal) naturally increase (since they are now behind) and the Code Camp tasks drop in priority; in some cases, they just don’t get done. 
Expect the team to have very limited time following Code Camp. Therefore, the closeout tasks must be identified early in the planning. Even better, complete as many closeout tasks as possible prior to Code Camp. Minimize the closeout effort.  These are all simple tasks. As with any collection of small effort items; the hardest part is creating the list.
Here’s a list of some closeout items, along with ideas on minimizing the effort required following Code Camp. 
Do as many tasks as possible before Code Camp and assign any remaining tasks (with due dates) in advance of Code Camp.
  • Thank you notes (speakers, volunteers, contributors, attendees)
    • You have been communicating with these groups all along. Draft thank-you emails as you go. (You can add one or two lines after Code Camp if you like, but most of the work can be done prior to the event).
  • Post speaker content to the web
    • Get speaker content early (if possible – even if you only get 2 or 3, it’s helpful).
    • Leave a flash drive in the speaker room so they can easily leave content the day of Code Camp.
    • Have everything in place to easily upload files.
  • Connect prize winners with vendors
    • See thank you notes. Have the emails drafted and ready to go so all you have to do is add the winner’s contact information.
  • Cleanup
    • If you put one person in charge, this usually is not a problem. Everyone wants to leave and we’ve never had a problem getting people to pitch in – IF we have someone asking for help.
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