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NOTE: This post is VERY late.  Here's lessons I learned. Next year it will be more timely!
I admit, I am biased but RV.NUG is the best UG ever! Roanoke Code Camp 2009 showed why I think this. 
  • Leadership TEAM. It was the leadership team’s idea to meet for lunch once a week for 8 weeks to plan the event. I thought it was too much to ask; but they wanted to do it because they wanted a great Code Camp and they like networking with each other. 
  • RV.NUG and RVSPUG membership GROUP as the core group of attendees. The UG members promoted the event with enthusiasm. They showed up with enthusiasm early on a spring-like Saturday morning and helped make every attendee welcome. The members know how to network and used their skills throughout the day.
  • Attendees. They showed up with enthusiasm and a passion to learn. They also showed up with appreciation for the opportunity. Many of the presenters say that Roanoke is their favorite place to present and it’s because of the attendees.
  • Presenters. Many are presenters from prior years. They include local talent and talent from as far away as Philadelphia and Minnesota. Each have contributed countless volunteer time learning and preparing presentations simply to share their passion and knowledge with communities (both their own and others). 
  • Volunteers. The volunteers were willing to do anything to help make the event run smoothly – anything from registration to carrying boxes or emptying trash. Many of the attendees became volunteers simply because they saw a need and helped out without being asked. 
  • Contributors. It’s nice to have books to give away in each session; raffle prizes at the close; food to eat all day (and the night before if you’re a presenter or volunteer). 
Thanks to every person that participated. Each and every person was a contributor in making this a great event. 
Now for some proof that I am not totally biased. Here are comments from others on Roanoke Code Camp 2009.
  • Getting ready to head home from #RoanokeCC. Had a great weekend everyone.
  • Had a great time at #RoanokeCC today. Thanks to everyone that attended my sessions.
  • Home. Great day at #RoanokeCC.
  • Leaving Roanoke Code Camp after party. awesome Code Camp. Farewell my friends in the valley.
  • #RoanokeCC rocked. See you again next year!
  • #RoanokeCC was well worth!
  • Done with my class at #RoanokeCC. It was worth the six hour drive :-)
Speaker Comments
  • Thank you very much for your generous hospitality this weekend.  You and your team put in a great deal of hard work and it showed!  Yesterday’s Roanoke Code Camp was truly the best code camp I’ve attended.  It was a pleasure presenting and teaching my topic.  I would be very happy to present again at the event in the future.  
  • When I got back home last evening, the first thing I told my wife was that Roanoke, VA is the most hospitable place on the planet!  My entire experience, ranging from the Hyatt hotel staff, the folks at Shakers, your user group members, the other speakers, event attendees and even the Virginia Wesleyan baseball team that I ran into at Burger King on the way home (only I could pick the only restaurant along I-81 where an entire college baseball team is stopping for dinner), was one of friendliness.  
Attendee Comments
  • My favorite presentation was “everyone I saw”
  • Thank you!
  • Job Well Done RV.NUG/Code Camp Committee!
  • Developers != Mornings, otherwise Great Job
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Robin - you and your team did an outstanding job! I'm so glad I was able to make it there this year.
Left by Chris G. Williams on May 04, 2009 1:54 PM

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