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This month the RV.NUG decided to hold a yard sale right before the monthly meeting.  The reaon for this was to

  • encourage attendance (following Code Camp and winter drop in attendance)
  • give some older books and accumulation of geek items a good home

The yard sale worked.  We had the highest attendance since Code Camp, found good homes for the books.  We even met our secondary goal of making a little bit of money.

In addition, we realized a bigger (and unexpected) benefit. 

  • We had the most networking before a monthly meeting ever! 

It didn't matter that the books were old or that the collection of items from trade shows were not high-tech gadgets.  Everyone still rummaged through the items and networked.  There were a lot of comments of "who still uses this?", "who would want this?", but it was fun.  I noticed a lot of contact information being traded between members during the yard sale. 

Looks like we will be adding a yard sale to the RV.NUG annual events. 


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