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My manager was recently promoted, and although I will continue to work for her indirectly, it is likely that I will have a new manager.  In addition, it is possible there will be a departmental reorganization.  It may be several weeks (hopefully not months) before my new manager is named and the reorganization is announced. 
A colleague and I were discussing job changes.  My colleague said when he left a job (company or department) that he liked to leave on good terms.  Part of this involved passing intellectual property on to his replacement.  In discussing this he commented, “I like to pass my replacement a silver platter”. 
I have changed jobs several times in my career and each time I worked toward my last day.  I worked toward closing projects (if possible), organizing documentation and files (including purging out of date information).  My office was always tidy, clean and organized for my replacement.   I also remember walking into my new office looking forward to new opportunities and discoveries. 
The "silver platter" term stuck and as I was thinking about changes in my organization, I decided this was a good time to quit my job – figuratively.   I am going to work as though I am quitting my job.  My last day of work will coincide with the day before my new manager is named.  On the new manager’s first day, I am going to turn a silver platter over to my replacement – “me”.  I will then begin this change in my organization with the same excitement and optimism that I get with the first day on a new job.  I think I’m going to really like this new job – it comes with several already accrued days of vacation!


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