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DevConnections - Find the Exhibitors, Get the Free Stuff

So it's not above me to go get free T-shirts and stuff at the conference.  Two reasons.  The first is that that I get to meet and interact with a lot of new people. I did hang out with JetBrains for a little while. The exhibitors always seem to put their best foot forward (i.e. very good looking ladies are there to assist in your vendor selection).

The second reason is the free stuff.  :D You can almost always find something that you will actually use after the conference.  I got quite a few things, but here are just a few notable mentions.

1) The coolest thing I got was the flashlight/laser pointer. It was from Blackberry, and you had to get a form they had stamped.

 DevConnections - Blackberry - Free stuff


2) Spam-Aid.  These people used to give out Red Bull, but Red Bull gets heavy when you bring it to conferences.  So now instead they give you a shot of caffeine.

DevConnections - Spam Aid - Free Stuff

3) These are classic at the office.  Someone else that went to a conference earlier this year brought a bunch of these in and the fun began.  These babies can fly when you know how to aim... :D

DevConnections - MaximumASP - Free Stuff

4) The strangest thing I got was the gift from MailFoundry.  The guy at the booth told me that it is what I think it is.  Well, in that case it looks more like chewing gum (WE COME FROM FRANCE).  :D  Anyone?

DevConnections - MailFoundry Free Stuff

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# re: DevConnections - Find the Exhibitors, Get the Free Stuff

Wow, condoms at a conference with all men. That's almost mean.

I also noticed the tendancy for vendors at tech conferences to hire nice looking women to run their booths. It doesn't take long to figure out why some vendors are a lot more popular than others.

I especially like it when the vendors provide free alcohol. Then you can watch socially inept geeks actually try to hit on the women at the booths. It's painful to watch, but in the car-wreck sense where you just can't look away.
11/10/2007 8:23 AM | Russell Ball

# re: DevConnections - Find the Exhibitors, Get the Free Stuff

I didn't find any vendors with free alcohol, but they do provide you with drink tickets and then you go out and meet all of the vendors.

One thing I do suggest is to find BinaryTree because they take the nice looking women to the next level...
11/10/2007 1:46 PM | Robz
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