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Military Appreciation at Golden Corral...

...because if military appreciation isn't a whole bunch of veterans standing in line outside in the cold, then I don't know what is. :D 

Seriously, we went by and decided that we really didn't want to stand in line for free food.  The line was down to another restaurant next door to Golden Corral.  We went somewhere else and got right in.

Being in the military for nine years, you would think that I would get used to standing in lines.  Maybe I am starting to realize how my time is worth more than standing in line (even if that does sound a little arrogant) waiting for something free that normally costs less than $10.

That said, I gladly wait in the HUGE lines and the craziness that happens on Black Friday.  Is that crazy? Maybe I just realize the value of what I get for my time (save over $200+ for the time)...

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