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DevConnections - The Way of The ReSharper (R#)

resharper30R# is a tool that I use and absolutely love.  I recommend this for anyone who uses Visual Studio and programs in C# or VB.NET.  Those that use R#, we see the benefits that it brings and the absolute productivity boost that you get using it.  You immediately think, why wasn't this stuff in here to begin with?!  It brings about a great set of refactoring tools, and it lets you know when you open a set of code if it is going to compile or not.  You can find usages in a file (it will put color codes as to where an item is being set or get) among many other features.  There is a rumor going around as to when the next version of R# (Resharper 4.0) will be available, but I heard from a little bird it will be around March 2008.

Speaking of which, at DevConnections I went to the vendor session with Dmitry Lomov, ReSharper tech lead.  He is a very interesting guy and during the presentation he went slow enough for anyone to understand what he was doing. I like going to sessions where I already have a good understanding of what they are talking about.  It's kind of like going to class when you've done your reading.  You really grok things better and you learn a couple new things here and there.  I didn't win a free version of R#, but the guy next to me won twice!

While in the presentation, we got to take a peek at some source code for an older version of R#.  I was stunned that the solution is 66 projects big!  To me that is quite a few projects in one solution (maybe its a project per common stuff, then a project per feature).  Dru would probably say that it is a great separation of concerns. :D

There are those we would call ReSharper Jedi.  They live by a code:

ReSharper Jedi are the guardians of quality and productivity in the .NET world.
ReSharper Jedi use their powers to improve and advance source code, never to degrade.
ReSharper Jedi respect all developers, in any language, with any tools.
ReSharper Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the .NET world.
ReSharper Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.


For those of you who haven't seen the ways of the Jedi, check out the video that shows a coding session with R#.

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