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Ok, so as the title suggests, I have decided to release the name of my upcoming Window Phone application. Mixtio Reader will take advantage of various cloud services to provide you with access to your books or documents. There will also be a shopping experience added so you can buy more books or download free domain books. There are a lot of other features that will be in Mixtio Reader, but I will hold on that information till closer to release.

So what have I been doing? Well, I redid my logo for like the thousandth time and finally came up with something real similar to the last one. You can see it on the facebook  page and twitter.  I took some time to design what I call a mock-up roadmap. It basically had most of the screen elements and lines that pointed to each screen like a map. I wanted to ensure that I wasn’t creating a navigation nightmare. It took a whole weekend and I can say that it defiantly made me think about the UI more and more.

Last weekend I started working on the company website. In the beginning I was going to design a WordPress theme,but I found out later that my host doesn’t work well with some of WordPress’s controls. I also picked my host before I realized that they didn’t have windows servers. I couldn’t beat the price, so its html, and JavaScript instead. The main page is up and running. The navigation at the top isn’t finished yet, but that’s what this weekend is for. I also added a link to google+ on my site so you can add it to your circles.

I also finally broke down and bought a Windows Phone. Granted it’s a first gen phone, but I love it. I bought the Samsung Focus. Haven’t installed an SD card yet, but may do it eventually. I was able to get most of the applications that I used on my Android phone, but not all of them. It is my primary phone and in June, I will most likely upgrade to the Lumia 900.

Now that I have all this done, I will finally begin working on my app. Atleast begin registering to get the api’s that I am using, get the trial of telerik controls, and begin building the UI. Probably looking at a April to May release depending on any issues. I will also publish a beta, so if anyone is interested. I will provide details and how you can reach me for it at a later time.

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