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Its been along time since I posted here last. I have been working with my other blog off and on for a little while, and I have noticed something. Pretty much all of my posts were related to a few products that I have been working on for Windows Phone. What I really should have been doing with those posts is using my Facebook Page.

With that in mind, I am going to make a few changes on some things and start using this blog again for the things that I have been meaning to really talk about; Development. I have considered trying to put some kind of theme together and try to get myself to start blogging more or if anything, come up with some really good articles to begin a discussion or help another developer. I will be going over this stuff this weekend. Look for some more content coming here real soon.

The content I am looking to do will be related to different aspects of development. I mostly work in the Android space right now for my regular job. I do Windows Phone and Android development on the side for my own publishing. I have done some web development, so I am sure I will talk about it a little. Speaking of websites, I do have one, and instead linking to it here, I will add it to my site here as a link. I will be redoing it sometime this year also. Gonna take a stab at HTML5. Until the next time. 
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