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As many of you know, I have a passion for music.  And after being gone 3 weeks, it’s nice to be home and discover the new music that has hit the scene over the past few weeks.  One song in particular struck a cord with me and in a matter of a few weeks while I was gone, it went from being unheard of to being ranked number 3.

So the chorus of the song is about “Can we pretend that airplanes, In the night sky, Are like shooting stars” so I can have all the wishes, as there are planes in the night sky.  But the point is, we can wish on those stars, but it’s the journey we are on that’s most important and what we do with that journey.  For one of the artists featured in the song, it took his tough life in Detroit, with all the rage and angst to make him into who he is today.  Whether you agree with his life or not, he’s worked hard and been enormously successful.  Something I give him credit for.

In my own personal life, a tough childhood, being adopted, with many parental figures and living in over 40+ houses (2 countries, 6+ states) in my lifetime, I have been able to take what I have and make something positive out of it (of course with God’s help).  Even when I quit college and the statistics of a good future were against me, I made something of it.  At times life has appeared to be easy (just ask my friends), but it’s because I chose to make my life that way.  I chose to work to live (not live to work) and the work hard play hard mentalities.  Fortunately things have worked out for me and am able to run my own business and live comfortably.

When I look at my own personal bucket list, I’m proud that it fits on one hand.  So for those of you living in your books, looking online about where you want to travel, the success you want to attain, the reputation and fame you’d like to have, the business you want to start, the MVP award you want, Just Do It!  When an opportunity has come across my plate, I dug in, I’ve traveled the world, started my businesses, achieved my own success, and had more than my 5 minutes of fame … so what will you do with your time on this earth?  As for me?  I plan on changing the world for my son in some way.

Airplanes Part I featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore (a Christian) - Video

Airplanes Part II featuring Eminem

(Addendum: this song is getting way too much airtime now and is starting to unnerve me)

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