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Welcome to part 3 of my Armchair CEO series where I prove just why I’m not running Microsoft.  In this insightful edition I’ll tell you how to make Windows, the golden flagship of Microsoft, a better product.

Android Apps

Windows Phone is not the only app store that needs a boost.  But unlike Windows Phone, there is a very easy way to get a lot more apps on your Windows PC: BlueStacks.  Right now BlueStacks has 3 things going against it: its UI integration is a desktop app hack, it does not work on RT, and no one know about it.  All three could be fixed if Microsoft bought the company or pulled off the same thing.  The store can be designed to give preference to Windows Store apps but it closes a lot of holes quickly.

The Desktop Experience

Windows should switch between desktop mode and tablet mode automatically.  Laptops without touch and desktops should work a lot more like Windows 7.  The PC should boot to desktop and Metro apps should run in windows, like MetroMix.  A tablet should boot to the Start Screen by default and pretty much work the same way it does now in 8.1.  Touch laptops should give the user an in your face option on first boot to pick the experience.  And finally, the experience can be changed automatically if the PC is docked or has external monitors hooked up.

Death of the Desktop

This might seem completely opposite to the last feature, but its not.  I should have no need to ever see the desktop from Start Screen mode.  Every settings needs to be available, an amazing port of the file explorer is needed, and Office Metro must be released.  Desktop apps should also be able to run in full screen mode like other Metro apps.

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