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System.IO.FileLoadException exception occur because a managed assembly is found but cannot be loaded. FileLoadException thrown when user and assembly does not have necessary permission for the loading of assembly in the managed environment. When .Net running any assembly its first load into the loader and then loader check the permission against the assembly. Loader checks the assembly permission by the help of evidence. Each assembly loaded by the CLR is also assigned to one or more Machine policy level code groups based on the evidence gathered about the assembly. If in the Machine policy level does not have the permission to write on the C:\ drive and assembly is try load the exception FileloadException is occurred. 

Another reason of this exception is when assemblies is marked with the following attributes.
[assembly: FileIOPermission(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum, Write = "C:\\")] its means that whenever this assembly is load by the CLR loader its first check the FileIOPermission for assembly by applying name SecurityAction.RequestMinimum. If Machine policy does not allow the write operation on the C:\ drive and CLR try to load assembly FileLoadException is occurred. RequestMinimum means that CLR first check appropriate permissions option and then load the assembly into the loader.

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