We’re back!

Last night we had our first meeting in several months.  Carl Franklin presented on Google Platform As A Service: AppEngine.  As I spend most of my time in the Microsoft arena it was interesting to see another take on cloud services.  This was also enhanced by the fact that Carl had spent a lot of time doing Microsoft platform development prior to his current stint with the Google products.  He was able to compare and contrast the to environments which is very helpful as we go to make recommendations to our clients and sponsors.

We are hoping to get back on track with our meeting schedule going forward.  As I get confirmation on upcoming topics I will post more.  If you are interested in hearing more about a specific topic or have one you would like to present please let me know though the contact page of this blog.  At the very least join us.  Enjoy the topics and the conversation.  You can also join our LinkedIn group to get more updates.